Monday, February 28, 2011

Today is Day 18 of the Chick Hatch

The chick hatch is well into the 21 day period and things are starting to get a little exciting in the incubator.  Lacie and I prepared the incubator for lock-down (Day 18-21) and noticed a couple eggs jiggling around.  Hopefully, this means they are settling into position for hatching.  #22 (Ingram) and #8(Hooleyo) are the most active with #24 (Daisey) coming in strong as well.  From now until hatch time, the incubator will not be opened.  Hopefully the temperature will stay steady and the humidity stay between 50-60%.  Chicks can survive for 72 hours on just the yolk from their eggs so it will be hard to resist removing the lid to check on them.  

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