Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chick Detective Project

This picture is of the two that are mutts.  I think they are both roosters.
This little guy is supposed to be a black ameracauna.  
I think australorp "A"
I think Australorp "B"
I think this is my other marans.  I'm guessing she is black and will not be blue copper. The picture below is a picture of her feet.  Her underbelly is grey and is solid back on top with a little grey tip on wings.
This pictures below are of the one that is grey (Marans) with pink feet and feathered legs.  I think this one will be splash and not blue copper.  
And just for fun....this is the other Mutt that I hatched which I think is ALSO a rooster.  All the suspected roosters are the ones who like to be held the most.  Strange.  

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