Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moving Time!

Have you noticed all the desks moving up and down the hall?  It's because of all the upcoming changes and improvements that will take place at school starting this week.  Mrs. Lilly, Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Willams have moved their classes into the gym so the construction of the new air conditioning system can begin.  Soon, the construction will continue upstairs and we will also be getting a new computer lab! Mrs. Willams (speech) and Mrs. Datcher's room will become our new computer lab.  2nd grade will soon move into the library and the new air conditioners will be built in the upstairs rooms.  Whew! Don't worry though, learning will continue and there are still plenty of days left in school to enjoy.  We will just have to be flexible and make some adjustments so we can enjoy our school improvements!  

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