Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Here are some posts from our 2nd grade students to their moms for Mother's Day. *Mostly unedited :-)

Amari  A.

I love you mom.  And  you are the SWEETEST mom ever.  And when your not home I begin to cry.  So when you get home I hug you and kiss you.


I   love  you  very   much.  You buy   me   a    lot   of  things   like   a   mp3  player.  You   are   the  best    mom   in  world   that’s  why  I   love   you   very   much.   You   take   me  A   lot   of  places    and    you    let   me  go   outside   and  play  my    dolls    and  ride  my   bike   then   I   go   to  my   cusins   then   I   go  in   the  house   and  take  a  nap.


Mom I love you I hope you love me and thank you for mybirthday party. I love you so much and you are the best mother in the world. I want a baby sister. Please mom I am begging you please. And please can you have a have a happy mother day.


Dear mom happy mother day and I love you so verry much couse   you    love me and you or the best mother I every had and you be sweet to me and you be nice to me and I love you verry verry verry much even in my heart and even in the hole in tower world and you or prity and you will give me whut 
 I won`t   and   I   won`t   stop   loveing   you   ever    ever    ever   neaver  stop love you  and  I  love you and you love me.


Your my lucky number! You're sweet, kind and graceful! I`ll never forget you! I love you more as I grow ! You're sweet like candy! You're so kind that you're more than nice! You're so graceful you're like an angel! you're my mother and always will be! You're  number1!


I  love  you.  Happy   Mothers  day!  And  I  sometimes   miss  you  at  school.   You  are  sweet   like  cotton  candy.  I  will  always  love  you  in   my  heart  forever   and  ever    you  are   my  mother  and  always  well!  You    are  the  best  mother!


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