Monday, August 22, 2011

San Diego Quick Assessment

Here is a powerpoint version of the San Diego Quick Assessment.  You can use this to easily assess a student's approximate reading level by having them read the words off the powerpoint in each of the separate lists.  

Administering the Test
1. Have the student read aloud each word from the powerpoint slideshow at least two years below their grade. If the student misses any words, go to easier lists until they make no errors. This is their base reading level.

2. Have the student read each subsequent card in sequence. Record incorrect responses. Be sure to have the student read every word so you can determine her decoding strategies.

3. Continue the assessment until the student misses at least three words on one of the lists.

Scoring the Test
Use the assessment results to identify the student's independent (no more than one error on a list), instructional (two errors on a list), and frustration (three or more errors) levels. Provide independent reading materials for each child accordingly.

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