Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OH Claaasss??? OH Yeeesss!!!!

We've been learning some important rules and procedures this week in 2nd grade.  One of our favorites is called "class / yes" and it's part of a teaching strategy called Whole Brain Teaching.  When the teacher calls "class", the class responds (no matter what they're doing) with "yes" in the same fashion as the teacher calls "class". For example, if the teacher calls "classity class", the class would answer "yessity yes!"  It is a great way to get everyone's attention!  We've also learned "hands and eyes".  This means get still and get focused quick.  In addition, we've been memorizing our class (2nd grade) rules.  (1) Follow directions quickly. (2) Respect property, yourself and others.  (3) Be kind.  Be honest.  (4) Listen when your teacher is talking.  (5) Keep your teacher happy....(my fave).  Each of these rules has a "gesture" to go with it to make our learning "stick".  A lot of us learn well when we can use cues.  Muscle memory also helps us to learn faster!  It's day two and I'm pretty sure all 2nd graders know their rules by heart. It's awesome!  

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