Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi fellow hatchers!  I just thinned out the incubator.  We are down to 5 Seramas, 6 "mutts", 6 Coronation Sussex, 4 blue silkies and 4 white silkies.  Sadly, 13 eggs came out.  They all had blood rings.  Sometimes, the trip in the mail is just more than an egg can take. 


  1. i am soooo sory mrs chappell love jazmine

  2. Mrs Chappell i am so sorry that they died you are down to 10 but i like them chicks when they hatch send a picture too me i love them eggs Mrs Chappell agian i am so sorry that they died you must have your fellings are hurt and i bet the kids are very sad to i would be very sad love jazmine


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