Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Evolution of a Classroom Part III

The next project is to make the milk crate seats to go around the frog and lilly pad pond.  It's a little more ambitious than I thought it was going to be so here goes!  Mateirals needed:

Black (or any color to match material) Filing Crate:
Medium Density Fiber Board (Plywood) cut to fit down into the inside lip of the crate. *Home Depot will cut these to size for you but be sure you bring in the crate for exact measure.

Then you will need a good amount of foam (memory foam works too).  This is the most expensive part of the project.  Cut these into rectangles big enough to cover the plywood and spray with adhesive to secure the foam to the plywood.  

After securing foam, cover form with matherial and gather around tightly around the corners.  Secure corner with a utility staple gun.  Make sure to wrap tightly.  

You can then add a loop of ribbon to allow for easy removal of the seat cusion so children can store white boards, notebooks and markers/erasers for active participation lessons.  

Final project:  (NOT my project but for inspiration.....)

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