Saturday, July 30, 2011

Evolution of the Classroom Part IV

Today was a very productive day.  I took the crates, the fabric, the foam, the plywood to the mom and Alan's house.  A few hours in the Garage Mahal, yielded 7 completed crate seats, all the fabric cut, all the foam cut and all the plywood cut.  YaY!!  I ended up alternating the patterns on the seats.  My plan is to make a semicircle around the perimeter of my gathering area carpet so the students can sit off the floor and have a place to store their dry erase boards/markers.  So, what do yall think?  I'm pleased :-)

Alan made quick work of cutting all the plywood seats with his huge table saw.  It would have taken us a year to cut these with the Skil saw at our house. 

Turbo Dog found all the work going on to be VERY interesting.  This is her playing the part of "supervisor".

voilà !  The finished product.  I'm very pleased.

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