Sunday, July 31, 2011

Evolution of the Classroom Part V

Got a lot accomplished today with Jeff and Lacie's help.  I am now totally moved out of my old classrom (bittersweet).  My curtains are hung.  My computers are all in one place.  I have seven (I think) completed crate seats in their spots.  Some desks are moved in.  All the trash has been put in the dumpster.  Things are shaping up.  I took a few photos of the hard-working crew today.  Notice how hard they're working?  They really did work hard.  They're exhausted.

The computer center.  Notice my lovely curtains?

I decided to give myself a little "street cred" this year.  I hauled in the diplomas from home and hung them on the new "closet" wall.  This wall just needed something.  I think they look nice. :-)

Lacie is working on removing an old number line sticker from the desktop. I really think she just wanted an excuse to sit down for a minute.  

Jeffrey is taking an OSHA break.  He stated they were clearly defined in his contract and I must comply with regulations by allowing breaks.  Seriously?

The "counting bug" hunt is on.  I had been thinking I would used these counting bugs (from my FIRST year of teaching Kindergarten) in my room this year since I'm math-focused.  I finally found where I put them in storage and guess what?  You guessed it.....I only have up to 17.  Now, I can't find them in-stock on any website.  Sooo, if you have had these in the past....I'm in the market.  :-)

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